Past Student Projects

Past Graduate Student Projects

Doctoral Dissertations

Amanda Jenkins – “Hairless, odourless, bleached, and clean”: Exploring Women’s Experiences of the Vagina in Connection with Vaginal Cleansing Products

Karla Stroud – “You have to sometimes be like a bulldog”: Fillial Caregiving Experiences Supporting their Parents during the Transition from Hospital to Home in Ontario

Claudia Barned – “Not fat, maybe thick, not too skinny”: Resisting and Reproducing Health and Beauty Discourses in Urban Jamaica

Masters Theses

Mikaela Beijbom- In-Person or Online? A Qualitative Analysis of Parents’ Back-to-School Decision-Making During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Vivian Harbers- Between Objection and Injection: A Thematic Analysis of Ontarians’ Perspectives on a COVID-19 Vaccine

Jessica White- IUDs and Women’s Contraceptive Decision-Making: Examining the Impact of Contraceptive Experiences, Reproductive Goals and Changing Life Circumstances on Contraceptive Choices

Alexis Fabricius- Unfeminine, Unhealthy and Unusual: Women’s Characterizations of Their PCOS Bodies

Kristie Serota – The Co-Production of Deliberative Outputs in a Public Deliberation on Cancer Drug Funding: An Analysis of the Discourse

Past Honours Thesis Projects

Zahra Husein- Representations of Autism: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Canadian Autism Organizations

Emily Patterson- How Available Space Shaped Experiences of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Ontario: A Thematic Analysis

Angela Delodder- Pandemic Time – How COVID-19 Transformed Canadians’ Experience and Relationship with Time: An Experiential Thematic Analysis

Merna Tawfik- Parents’ Experiences of Caring for Children with Neuroblastoma: A Thematic Analysis

Maddy (Madelyn) Casola- Women’s Accounts of Obtaining an Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis Later in Life: A Thematic Analysis of YouTube Videos

CY Foo – “Listen to your gut”: A Qualitative Analysis of Direct-to-Consumer Microbiome Testing Websites

Mikaela Beijbom – Constructions of Women’s Health in North American Media: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Popular Women’s Health Magazines

Kristina Pagliaro – Communicating Information About Childhood Vaccination to Parents: A Thematic Analysis of a Public Deliberation

Emma Conway – The Social Processes of Public Deliberation Examined through the Lens of Positioning Theory 

Jessica White – A Discursive Analysis of Descriptions of Vaccine-Refusing Parents in the Ontario Vaccine Deliberation

Stephanie Liscumb – Social and Ethical Concerns Regarding Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis Among Canadian Citizens

Kaitlin Snell – Quality of Life and Aging in Chatham-Kent: Perspectives of Older Adults in the Community

Stephanie Figliomeni – The Social Management of Asthma and Cystic Fibrosis in Youth

Jessica Gibson – Women’s Health, Hygiene, and Product Use: A Qualitative Study of Motivational and Social Influences

Janet Amos – Risk Communication and Genetic Testing

Christine Smith – The Promotion of the HPV Vaccine: An Exploratory Study of Risk Communication Related to the HPV Vaccine on Ontario and Canadian Websites

Allie Dainow – Concerns of Cystic Fibrosis Patients: A Qualitative Analysis of Cystic Fibrosis Message Board Data